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Need to sell your home fast?

Plusinek Property has helped many people who thought a fast property sale was impossible. If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact Plusinek Property right away.
Can’t pay the mortgage and need to prevent bankruptcy?

If your mortgage arrears stack up you could find yourself in real trouble. The money you owe will quickly accrue interest, which means you will have more to pay off at the end of the day. If your mortgage lender instructs solicitors, you will have to pay their fees as well as the mortgage loan and the interest charges. A fast property sale to Plusinek Property raises instant cash, avoids bankruptcy and can stop repossession.
Do you own a property in a poor condition that is unlikely to be attractive to buyers or mortgage companies?

That doesn’t matter to Plusinek Property. You can sell your property fast regardless of its condition.
Can’t sell through traditional routes – for example, a tenant is in the property?

Plusinek Property will buy ANY property in ANY condition. That includes homes that have tenants, farm or commercial properties, leasehold flats and properties in a poor state of repair. A quick house sale isn't that far away.
Are you in danger of losing that dream home?

‘Dream homes’ don’t come along every day. Sitting back and just waiting for that sale means you risk being gazumped. On average it takes 6 months to sell a house but Plusinek Property will guarantee a fast property sale. They'll buy your home and exchange contracts within 24 to 48 HOURS. Plus you pay NO legal fees on the sale and NO agent’s fees.

You don’t have to redecorate or refurbish your home to attract buyers. Just relax knowing that you'll achieve a fast property sale and won’t miss out on that very special purchase.
Have you been let down at the last moment by a sale falling through?

If this has happened to you, you’ll need to move quickly to sell your property fast. A sale falling through at the last moment is every seller’s nightmare, but with Plusinek Property they provide quick house sales to meet deadlines, keep your chain moving, and avoid the risk of losing the property you want.
Have you bought for investment but now need to raise cash quickly?

If your situation has changed and you need to sell your investment property, we can help.
We will give you a fast property sale, even if they have a tenant and regardless of the property's condition.

We can exchange contracts within 24 to 48 HOURS, giving you a fast property cash sale.
Are you emigrating or moving to another part of the country?

Emigrating or moving a long way away can split up families and make living conditions intolerable for everyone involved. Sell your home fast with Plusinek Property and re-unite your family.
How fast can I sell my house for cash?

With Plusinek Property a fast property sale is possible because we are cash buyers. Within hours of contacting us, you'll receive an immediate offer to sell your home for cash, regardless of its condition. Exchanges normally take place within 24 to 48 hours, which means you can move within a matter of days.

Our offer is a GENUINE CASH PURCHASE for a fast house sale and we pay a Trade price typically 75%-85% of the current market value of the property, but remember, you pay No fees, it is IMMEDIATE, and it will put you in a strong position for making all your financial decisions.

For a quick house sale, contact us on 0800 1313 999, email or complete an online enquiry form. Plusinek Property is a UK Based Organisation dealing with only UK Properties.

Rent Back Experts is a trading style of Plusinek Property Limited. Plusinek Property Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for the conduct of Sale and Rent Back business. Our firm’s reference number is 522221. *Not all types of property purchase activity is regulated, please ask us for details.

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Contact us on 0800 1313 999, email
Plusinek Property is a UK Based Organisation dealing with only UK Properties.


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